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About the Front Porch Favorites:
Resources for Parents and Caregivers

The Front Porch shares with you our Front Porch Favorites. These are materials we have used with children over these past ten years and found them helpful.  No one pays us to pick their resources. Even we are surprised at what kids really like and what they don't. The lists are short because there are a billion resources but very few are golden. We hope these pages will make your work with children/youth and parenting easier. We are all in this together, aren't we?

We also select resources that both the kids and adults on The Porch find outstanding. They receive the Golden Porch Award. Click here to see the winners. 

If you find these useful and are financially able to make a donation so we can continue our work on the street and online, please donate. If you purchase the materials through our links to, The Front Porch gets a percent of the amount you pay. We thank you in advance.


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