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In developmental order. We apologize that it tends more toward girls, but when we come across more good boy resources, we will add them.
Places in/around Detroit
  • Birth Control, Condoms, HIV and STD Testing, Pregnancy Testing at:  these City of Detroit Health Department Clinics:
     Herman Keifer 1151 Taylor 313-876-4826
    Northeast Health Center 5400 E. 7 Mile 313-870-3054
    Grace Ross 14585 Greenfield 313-870-3094
     Everyone provided service regardless of ability to pay. 
  • Planned Parenthood offers all of the above and more: 4229 Cass 313-831-7776.
  • Alternatives for Girls  has a program for girls who are involving themselves in risky behavior. 313-361-4000.
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