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Most kids in the neighborhood had an extended school year after a very cold long winter. We knew we had to pack in the fun in a short summer.

The kids biked the 5 mile round trip to Chandler Park Aquatic Center often, went on the Detroit Public Library Trip to Holly State Park learn outdoor skills, learned about marine science on the Seagrant/Metropark hands on science boat trip at Lake St. Clair Metropark, went to Toronto (to the Ripley's Aquarium, Chinatown and Centre Island to ride bikes and swim in Lake Ontario), went camping at Lower Huron Metropark and to Turtle Grove waterpark, went to the Lake St. Clair Nature Center and learned about snakes, went to the Waterpark in Windsor, made ice cream, fixed bikes with Tim, read books, and played and played at the park, on the street and on the Porch. The kids were ALL wheeled thanks to many donors of bikes, roller blades, skateboards, inner tubes and scooters.  It was an international summer and a neighborhood summer. The best of all worlds.
Thank you to all our donors.

paintingice creamshirt
A few kids were adventurous and patient enough to try embroidery. This beautiful pillow was done by a 17 year old, AJ.A bunch of kids painted this long sidewalk roll. This is homemade peppermint ice cream. They happily used a hammer to mash the peppermint candies. The kids are really good at making ice cream now. A break from our usual granola and fruit!  They have been painting t-shirts. This one was done by a six year old.
University of Missouri - Alternative Spring Break

The Porch was lucky enough to have students from Missouri come back this year for their spring break. Instead of relaxing on their break, they did all of this and more at Wayne Elementary School! The kids at the school ask where they are? Why couldn't they stay?  Thanks to all of the education students: Eric and Christina who made the trip happen again,
Anna, Claudia,Gina, Holly, Jessica, Matt, Max, Ohm, and Taylor. Incredible young people who are changing the world.
universitymissourimissouriclay makingcomic book
In Advocacy, a university student goes over silent e with a game with an elementary student.In Advocacy, a university student goes over vowels with an elementary student.A university student helps a child make clay in the after school program.One of the vocabulary word comic books the students help the second graders make.
In Advocacy, a university student helps with the difference between b and d.In Advocacy, a university student helps with subtraction. All the first graders wrote books with the university students. The blank books and puppets were kindly provided by ConnectUS, a group for adults with severe multiple impairments who use wheelchairs. The program is designed to provide stimulating activity for their members,
as well as educational and social connections for student interns and volunteers.

comic bookcomic bookcomic bookcomic book
Vocabulary word comic books the students helped the second graders make.
Food Donations for Families
Every other month the SEVA Team from the Bharatiya Temple donates food which is given to families in need from the school and neighborhood. The SEVA Team also donates books for our library and games for the advocacy kids. Each photo is one box of food for a family.
On the Porch after a LOOOONG WINTER!
chesspaper flowersrings
A very first game of chess for two kids on a day it was warm enough to sit still AND not wear gloves. Making paper flowers as gifts for parents. Making rings with baking clay and marbles.
snow wallsnow paintsnow
This is the snow wall kids built with plastic tubs. It turned to ice. They painted it blue with food coloring. Here they wrote with food coloring in squirt bottles. On the left is the sled hill that turns to go down the middle of the photo, blocked by the snow wall on the right.
Advocacy 2014-2015
food chainfishlettergmath
The kids LOVE the chalkboard. While adults focus on more and more technology, children still love the old school messy chalkboard.One child who likes to draw more than study is persuaded to answer comprehension questions about the science of the food chain with a drawing. He gets it.Learning about the two sounds of G. This was the first time this first grader  drew a gorilla and a giraffe.One of the kids wanted to show how his teacher was teaching subtraction.
advocacy mathadvocacy mathadvocacy numbersseva books
Here are two girls going over their 8 times tables visually to complete an assignment for class.
Two kindergarteners work on number identification and decided to draw everyone at the table. Each time a child comes to Advocacy he/she can pick out a book to borrow. This is a photo of new books donated by the SEVA Team. The Batman chapter book is already checked out after less than a few hours at the school! If you are interested in helping our little library grow, we have a wish list. Used or new, our kids just like the kind of books on the list. 
After School for First and Second Graders
phonics race
Phonics Race After School. Who can sound out the most words before the timer runs out?
Holiday Gifts Day
Christ Church of Grosse Pointe has adopted The Front Porch and Wayne Elementary School giving gifts to every pre-schooler who signs up, some of the advocacy children and some kids in the neighborhood. 
These are used books donated by groups and individuals at other times of the year. Storybooks are set out for parents to choose and take home for story time at home and they are informed about the local libraries.These are just some of the gifts. There were 60 packs of gifts in all. These are some of the snacks given out to the parents given by a donor and volunteer. Additionally, Kids Against Hunger gave us packets of rice that is a meal to hand out.
First Grade Tutoring
A small group of first graders and a few volunteers make Tuesday nights full of learning and fun. The kids play educational games then have time to do an activity they choose. 
The kids sometimes like to draw on the board. This is the moon.A puppet show put on by kids, for kids. A very stylish Santa Claus done by one of the kids.
Book of Choice
Each child from kindergarten to fifth grade got to pick any book in the world to take home. 
thank youthank youbooks
 From a thank you note for a Batman book.From a thank you note for a Princess and the Frog book.Part of the books from the third grades pick. Everything from rocks, to Cinderella to Stink.
Journal Making Project
The third graders made journals with locks to take home.

The Bharatiya Temple

The Bharatiya Temple

Summer 2014
This summer has been about bicycling, fixing bikes, riding to the water park when the weather cooperates and plenty of time on the Porch.  Arts and crafts like crown making, hot rocks/crayons,  and the beloved sandbox. The raspberries were plentiful this year and several children learned the joy of freshly picked fruit.  They also rode to the lake a few times, which is not a short trip. 
crowncrownssandboxhot rocks
bike tripraspberries
Alternative Spring Break - University of Missouri Comes to The Porch
A group of  8 amazing graduate students from Missouri University came to Detroit for their alternative spring break. They volunteered at Wayne Elementary School,  the Detroit public Library and  Hope Garden. We were so happy they chose us!
chinese missouri diary
This was done by a first grader in Advocacy after the students left. Peijuan, an international student from China who came on the trip, gave a five minute Chinese lesson in Advocacy. The first grader picked up on it and repeated it. We are getting him a "learn Chinese" book to keep his interest alive.  The graduate students helped all the second graders make journals with locks. The students from China kindly showed children their names in Chinese.  The kids wanted them on their journal.
diary diary diary
This is a stack of journals.  The graduate students helped them write in their journals. They helped them spell things, draw things, and get ideas for what to write. At the end of the week, each child got the lock to their diary and took it home. journal covers
journal journal diary
journal diary thank you note
journal coversThe graduate students helped the fifth graders with their Battle of the Books. They really enjoyed the attention the kind graduate students shared.
Holiday Journal Making
One class made these journals from holiday notebooks. They were very proud. These were donated by DR.
journal journal
Finished journal Putting a lock and key on the journal
Drum lessons started this year with Motown drummer Cliff Harris at Wayne Elementary School, then on the Porch.  The kids really enjoy it.
The 2013-2014 School year was financed by the Detroit Indians and their supporters, Christ Church, Continental Automotive and individual donors.  It was a fine year with many Advocates and children working with teachers, parents and school staff for academic confidence and success. 
chalk barbieshoe sand blackboard
A typical day of multiplication and spelling words Doll shoes help as counters for math facts Sand instead of pencil and paper (Thanks to Ms. Diane!). We also use fake jewels as counters. Math and spelling. Every child has different needs.
clock kindergartener drawing princess drawing math studying
Understanding time -  drawing the whole clock, every minute. The kindergarteners chose to draw in their reward time for working hard on sight words. One kindergartener has been working on her skills in drawing princesses. The hair was especially important. Math facts are so important. Every child has their own way of learning and we work to meet them where they learn best. 
money picturebook math picture math states and capitals on blackboard
Counting money, one of the kids' favorite things to learn.   A math professor told us that in order for kids to really memorize something they need to first believe it. This is a picture book of math multiplication facts.  We find that this method works best for kids who excel in reading and fail at math. Some children cannot under any circumstance remember their math facts. Here is a story about a girl having a pary for her friends.  There were six girls (note the ponytail)...telling a story for each math fact is time consuming but for some kids its the only way. Map to study states and capitals. The kids had a riot with Mr. Eric and Mr. Kyle, Advocates, racing to memorize the information. 
Using counters for math facts.Using the chalkboard for math reading comprehensionspelling practice
spelling practice and reading comprehension - every child has different needsWorking on writing good sentences. Vowel sounds and drawing pictures to associate them to objects and to keep learning fun
Vowel sounds drawing mixed with an amazing phonics kit donated by one of the kind Reading Corps volunteers, Pat.Vowels that are long make sounds like in the alphabet song. Studying for a science test and learning to learn: mnemonic devices.Science work supplemented by a book from our advocacy library. We try to get as much science intoregular  reading time as possible.
More science reading. Here we have a Dr. Seuss book, a more advanced book about stars, and then taking the time to draw the solar system as he reads.
Science Club
Science Club is in partnership with the engineers from the Detroit Indians. Each week, the science teacher does and experiment and the engineers Skype in to discuss what happened and how it relates to engineering.  It is an exceptional opportunity for the kids.
science science clubbridge test
Putting out fire Making windmillsTesting a bridge
Building bridgesBuilding bridges
all bridgeswind carsolar lego
The competing bridgesMaking wind carsLego propeller mixed with solar panel
vedic math
Vedic math class
Book Wagon
The book wagon is really just a wagon of books that pulls up to a classroom and children can pick a book of their choice to take home and keep. The book wagon was so well stocked that it went around the school once a month from January to June. Some kids reported that they had TOO MANY books!!!! YAY! Consider that there is no bookstore for miles and you can understand how important this project is. 
bookwagon bookwagon
First graders pick through gently used donated books from many kind children and parents in Metro Detroit. Here is the book wagon full of books
SEVA Team Food Donations.
Throughout the school year, SEVA donated food to the families. It went to the families of the children in Advocacy. Here the Advocates set the food up like a store, so families could pick what they liked.  Other times the food is delivered to their homes, making sure the kids in Advocacy get everything they need.

Holiday Gifts
Christ Church members each picked a child and got them a giant gift bag or bagS full of holiday gifts according to the child and parents' wishes. When the gifts came we also offered parents gently used books donated from many kind groups and individuals for them to take home , resources for food help and snacks donated by JD. 
holiday gifts holidaygift
These are just some of the holiday gifts for the pre-schoolers and Advocacy kids from Christ Church More gifts from Christ Church! SO MANY! Each bag is for a child. 
gift books holiday snack
Parents could also pick from many used books to take home for their children for the holidays. Families could also get a snack, donated by JD.
Holiday Books
Several generous groups, families and individuals gave children a new book of their choice to keep. Every child at the school and on the Porch got a book. An important part of literacy is developing a love of reading. Giving children the books they really want to read encourages them to read more.  A priceless gift.
books book card cardwrap
What kinds of books will 5th graders in Detroit choose if they are told they can get any book in the world? Thanks to our anonymous donor for this pile of books about wrestling , Diary of a Wimpy Kid, cookbooks, cars, football, diaries, comic books, craft books and more.   A card from one of the kids at Monteith Elementary to a child at Wayne Elementary that they made. It talked about the book that was given. A card from one of the kids at Monteith Elementary to a child at Wayne Elementary that they made. It talked about the book that was given.Here the kindergarteners unwrapped their books. The kids were excited to unwrap them, even though they knew what books the had asked for! Nothing like a present.
thank you card letter
Thank yous for holiday books. A card from another kid at Monteith Elementary to a child at Wayne Elementary that they made.  A letter to the Varsity Club at Grosse Pointe South thanking them for a Dragonball Z book. And believe us that class LOVED Dragonball Z books! 
On the Porch
In January the kids made smoothies on the Porch on a warmish day. Once it got warmer, the kids started many activities. One was lotion making where they experimented with different scents. Another was pillow making. These three pillows are the first time sewing for the children who made them.  
porch perfume smoothies pillows
After School
First graders in after school tutoring get play time after they finish their homework and learning time. Pictured here are puppets and painting. The most popular activity this year was clay.
puppet show painting
Designing Money
Third graders learned about the symbols on money in their reading book. They each drew and painted their own money.
money money money money
money money money money
Imagining a City
The third graders read a story about Roxaboxen, a pretend city children made up in their neighborhood. The kids took the room we usually tutor in and made it into a city of their own. They created a girls' house with no boys allowed. A motorcycle from and upside down desk and a helmet from a box . There are flowers for outside one house, a bank, boat, school, and a sports club with a look out. 
roxaboxen roxaboxen roxaboxen roxaboxen
roxaboxen roxaboxen roxaboxen roxaboxen
In Advocacy for the kindergarteners, they get 5 to 10 minutes of free time. They usually choose to play with play-doh. After a session of sight words, phonics, addition and subtraction, they are ready for some down time. These photos show a star (their class had just learned to make them)., a cupcake, and a cloud.

One of the kids made this sculpture after she was done using them for her math.

Two third graders spontaneously decided to read in the last photo.
kindergarten kindergarten kinder
counting reading
Second graders read a story about courage. They each drew and painted their own ideas of what kind of superhero they would be and what they thought courage meant. One of the kids, J.L., wrote that courage is "guts and love." 
superhero superhero superhero superhero
superhero superhero superhero superhero
Journals for Dreams
Second graders read a story about Dr. Martin Luther King's life. They got to make a journal for their own dreams and learned how to make goals. These photos are of the covers of their journals. 
dream journal dream journal dream journal
dream journal dream journal dream journal
Dinosaur Tracks
Second graders had been reading about dinosaurs and working on creating a dinosaur museum. Here the kids made dinosaur tracks in clay. They made dinosaur jewelry and other items. They also made rubbings of fossils. 
dinosaur tracks fossil rubbings dinosaur tracks rings

Ice Skating at Campus Martius ice skating
Throwing a Pot on the Wheel
The kids had a chance to visit Sugar Hill Pottery downtown and throw a pot on the wheel. The instructors were impressed because the kids "got it" in their first session - whereas college kids usually take a few sessions. They can't wait to go back. The pot in this picture was done while she was waiting for help - she figured it out herself.
A few kids from the Porch got the chance to sled down Balduck Hill. The first photo shows one of the kids enjoying a break for a granola bar. Its hard work don't you know!
Two Real Scarecrows
The kids in one second grade class did a writing assignment about a scarecrow. They also made a woman and  a man scarecrow for the local community garden - Hope Community Garden that is a few blocks from the school. It was a test of teamwork, creativity and correctly stuffing- which is not as easy as one might assume. 
Origami and Giving
At school the kids read a story about a man who gave without expecting anything in return (very much like Front Porch donors). They learned a little bit about Japanese culture and made origami kits including an example they folded. The kits will be given to Children's Hospital of Michigan. There is one kit to make a crown and another kit to make a samurai helmet. 
At school, the second graders made buckets of kindness and were read the story. They filled the little clay bucket they made with slips of paper with kind things about someone they chose to give a bucket of kindness to. The kids were making them in the first picture. The rest of the photos are coil pot made on the Porch by some very creative and talented kids and teens. 
Interpreting Kindness
The second graders read the story of Cinderella in reading class.  They were asked to think about how they feel when people are kind or unkind to them and then paint half the face expressing each of those feelings. They were happy to put on their raincoat smocks and paint. one group even said they weren't going to stop painting. We had to promise them we would do it again.   
Donated Books
By an outpouring of generosity of many groups of people and families, every child at Wayne Elementary School and the Front Porch kids (who were around in winter) got a new book of their choice. These are photos of one second grade's  books, one first grade's books, a Head Start's books, and the fourth grade books. The donors of the over 350 new books included: The Sabin Family, Pere Gabrial Richard Elementary School in Grosse Pointe, Bharatiya Temple - SEVA team, BBC Book Club, Rankin Grams Family, Cranbrook Kingswood Book Club, Grosse Pointe South Varsity Club, Barbara and David Perez, George Zigas and Loretta Altobelli, a generous anonymous donor, Noel Jones, Linda Stone, and the Berschback Family.  Those who helped with the books were Mrs. H (who even came at the last minute to help!), Ms. Shannon, Ms. Chi Chi, Ms. Brittany and the teachers at the school. What an enormous group of wonderful people sharing the love of reading!!!
Bird Houses
In English class, the third graders were learning about urban wildlife. They made bird houses from water bottles. The photo shows them weaving the bird house hangers. 
Advocacy Phonics
In Advocacy tutoring we spend much of our time working on phonics skills. Here one of the kids drew pictures to go with each of the blends we had been going over. Perhaps you can spot a many wheeled truck that goes with tr, or a person sneezing for sn
Raspberry Summer
This is just a fraction of the harvest of raspberries from the raised bed in front of the Porch. Just before the heatwave the kids enjoyed at least two weeks of golden and red raspberries.
Learning By Any Means Necessary
For the children in the Advocacy program, we will try as many ways as they need to to learn. Children know they can use play-doh, blocks, the chalk board and anything else  that keeps their interest in what they need to learn.
abacus H
Here a child chose to use an abacus because she liked the the visual and tactile opportunity it gave her to learn her multiplication tables. On the wipe off board, a child is learning the sound of the letter H that he just couldn't remember. He likes karate so  here he drew a karate H saying HI-YAH!
Puppet Making in Summer School
Kindergarten, first and second graders made puppets and learned the story of Pinnochio in summer school. 
frog puppetpuppet show
Frog stick puppets made by the kindergarteners. On the right, the puppets are talking and the kids are under the lunch table. 
Marionettes made by the second graders. Two are basketball player marionettes and one is a girl.
New Leisure Reading Books for Whole Classes
Thanks to an anonymous donor and students at Schoolcraft College, each of the children in first grade, fifth grade, in the Advocacy program and the kids in the neighborhood who visit the Porch got a new book that they chose, patiently waited for, and were excited to get. 
scholastic books bookmarksbookmarks
Each of the kids in Advocacy got a book and a certificate for their effort in the program/ Here are some of the books. These are the bookmarks made by the Schoolcraft College students.
Fruit Buffet at After School Tutoring
Thanks to Mrs. H, a volunteer tutor, who provided the children in after school tutoring the opportunity to try several different kinds of fruit in a fruit buffet. 
buffet buffet buffet buffet
Here one of the volunteers help teach a child how to serve themselves neatly. Here is one proud culinary creation. Mrs. H. labeled each of the fruits for the children. Here is another unique fruit salad. Every child's was different.
Salad at the Summer Program
The  kids made great salads for themselves with the help of Amanda, a college student who assisted with the program.  
summer salad
Tutoring & Parent Room
This is the room at Wayne Elementary where we tutor the children in Advocacy.
tutoring room tutor room tutor room
This shows the tub of letters and blends, a math dice game, and the table full of tattoos to pick from when the Advocacy kids are good in tutoring. The kids love to use the blackboard. The plant was donated by Shawn and the little table was found for us by the staff of the school. This is the other side of the tutoring room. The couch was donated by Ms. Chi Chi. the rug by Alan, Kathi and Griffin. The kids love being able to choose different places to sit to go through their work. The computers are for parents to use and the board has information for parents.
Baby Chicken
A chicken raised by one of the kids.
Mural Painting in the Summer Program

The kids are painted a mural on the day that the waterpark was closed because of a power outage.
Bike Repair Workshops at the Summer Program

The kids are learning basic bike repair.
bikr repair bike repair
Thrift Store Runway at the Summer Program

The kids chose these outfits from a thrift store and directed their adult model's photo shoot (a kind volunteer) . They learned that saving money and recycling can still be fashionable.

Photos by A.C., age 14.
thriftbusiness thriftedgy thriftspring
Business to Night by JD Edgy by AC Summer by TD

July 2012 at Lower Huron Metropark
campsite roasting marshmallows camping clothes line
Putting up the tent and loading and unloading the bikes took a lot of teamwork. It was the first time cooking over a campfire for some of the kids. Swim stuff hung out to dry on the clothesline they put up.
Science Project on the Porch

A school science project for one of the kids in Advocacy. She needed to use a computer, get supplies and learn to make graphs in Excel, so we helped. She experimented with the graphs on the sidewalk first. 
science project science project 2
Play-doh "Cake Boss"

Some of the kids can't get enough of the TV show so make their own creations on the Porch.
cake cake cake
Handmade Earrings and a Bracelet.

These were made by TD, who is 12. 
Mask Making

To go along with the story the third graders were learning, A Story A Story, The Front Porch brought an art project to the local elementary school, Wayne. Ms. Chi Chi, one of our advocates, came in and told them about her African background, about life in Africa and how masks and costumes are used.  The kids saw examples of costumes and masks in National Geographic and made their own.
mask mask mask mask
mask mask mask mask
Mask made by a 3rd grader Mask made by a 3rd grader Mask made by a 3rd grader Mask made by A.C.
mask mask mask mask
Mask "Seagirl" by 3rd grader A.D. Mask "Colorsgirl" by 3rd grader A.L. Mask "Princessgirl" by 3rd grader A.P. Mask by C
mask mask mask mask
Mask "Birdman" by D.T. Mask "Featherman" by D.W. Mask by E.J. Mask "Peace" by G.W.
Book Making

At Wayne Elementary School's Open House
book book book
Book made by a 5 year old about basketball Book made by a family member of the kids, Jackie Sports book made by R.W. It is a pop-up book and movable. One page has a lever where the basketball player can shoot the basket, and the other page has a soccer ball that moves like the boy is kicking it.
Drawing Class

After learning time at after school tutoring at Wayne Elementary School, there is playtime. This day, drawing was one activity. These are the original drawings they wanted on the website.
drawing drawing drawing cat
by SD, 1st grade by TW, 2nd grade by NR, 2nd grade By SG, 1st grade
Sewing Hats

Hats the first graders at Wayne Elementary sewed (they pressed the peddle on the machine)  for themselves and decorated themselves.
hat hat hat
Valentine's Day Card

A valentine made on the Porch for a relative by TD.
Ice skating (watching the ice show)  and s'more making at the WinterBlast
ice skating raosted marshmallow smore
Play-doh is used in the Advocacy program during in-school tutoring at Wayne Elementary to vary their learning up from pen and pencil.  Here it is used to practice the alphabet and get down the most difficult part of the song, LMNOP. Also, here a first grader repeats what he learned about how the brain looks and works. He went on to draw axons and  dendrites.
clay alphabet brain
After learning time at tutoring, there is playtime. This day, Play-Doh was the favorite activity. These are the creations they wanted on the website.
clay pizza clay heart clay
clay giraffe clay heart red clay cake
clay spaghetti clay play doh
play doh
Bees in winter getting fed sugar to make it through to spring. Photo by beekeeper JD, age 11.   bee sugar
Earrings and Purses made by Front Porch kids. The beginnings of entrepreneurship. 
earrings purse purse
Handmade earrings by TD, age 12. The first crocheted purse by JD, age 11. The second crocheted purse by JD, age 11, made the next day!!
camp sandcastlecamp1
The campsite at Stony Creek. It was home for one night. Sandcastle by D. She made a pyramid and some houses along a river.
Making dill pickles with cucumbers from Eastern Market picklespickles
Potatoes the kids grew and ate. potatoes
KF uses his artistic expertise to make a henna tattoo.   henna
A photo of clouds JD thought were pretty. clouds
A Detroit Firefighter and his wife, a long time Front Porch supporter, came by to share his Monopoly love. BB looks forward to the rematch. monopoly
Honey from the bees.
honey honeymore
Fishing at Lake Pontiac State Park on the Detroit Public Library's field trip.
A sand flower made by TG. Swimming at  the beach at Stony Creek.

sandflower swim
PlayDoh Cake by JD and TD.
Reading race prizes for the top three winners.
backpack backpackwinner binder pencilcase
The sandcastle building contest on the last day of the summer program. sandsandsand
The kids painted T-shirts. tshirt tshirttshirt
Making stop action movies with Lego movie
A rainbow over the The Porch. rainbow
The first two are clay "cakes" in a "Cake Boss" competition. The third photo is a play-doh man. cake cakeman
A house. lego
At the Franklin Branch of the Detroit Public Library for the Exotic Zoo presentation library
The duck mom and babies at the Riverwalk. The kids were very interested. The print is of one of the kids who laid on the warm pavement at the bus stop after going in the fountain at the renaissance center. She was excited that the t shirt design showed up. ducks  founation
A conversation about the blood on the sidewalk and the police led the kids to a discussion of DNA. So they got some DNA from an onion and put it on slide and looked at it under a microscope. dna dna
The kids made pillows. bunny pillow  rabbit dog
The kids painted boats. boatboat
Some of the bikes parked at a playground during a break on an 8 mile ride. bikesbike play
Spring 2011
Doll making
doll doll
Monkey wearing a bikini by DG Doll by IG
Nature Activities On the Porch
beekeeping bees strawberrybed
Learning to be a beekeeper. JD bravely touches the bees.
Photo by TD
JD holds the bees who are making a honeycomb in the frame.
Photo by TD
The expanded strawberry patch built by three girls who are longtime experts at painting, hammering planting and using the drill.
Tutoring at Wayne  Elementary School
chess beads homework
With homework time behind them,  the first graders play  chess... and make bracelets at the after school program. Proud of finished homework.
At the Winterblast, two sisters ice skated and snowshoed for the first time snowshoe1ice skatesnowshoe
Tutoring at Wayne  Elementary School
 After homework time was over, the first graders learned to draw.
cow castle castle dinosaur
cow castle castle dinosaur
Time on the Porch
snowam snowcastle stocks bdaycake
Snowman Ice castle After one of a billion games of Life and playing the stock market in it, one girl picks out her real stock hoping it will go up next week. She hopes to win our little stock market game. Pretend birthday cake by JD and TD made of Play-doh, pipe cleaners and a paper plate.
Fall 2010 on the Porch
halloween necklace sad cat
Dress up on the Porch. Shrinky Dink necklace made by RW Shrinky Dink necklace made by IG. She explained that Kitty got in a fight and is blue like a Smurf.
computertent puzzle honey
This is the Front Porch's computer lab. The laptop and one child are under the covered table. We can't have it out in the open because negative people walking by may see it as an opportunity. Many teachers require kids to type up their homework on the computer & do web research but the kids do not have one & they do not have transportation to the library to use a computer. We used to have a computer lab at the now closed community center. We would like to have one again.  Please let us know if you can help us with this. A puzzle made on the Porch by JD. The kids have started to learn about honey. They got a tour of the Front Porch's hive. It is from the Sweet on Detroit Program from the Detroit Agriculture Network. Then they went to Earthworks Urban Farm to help harvest the honey. Here JD scrapes the honey coming off the pressed beeswax. They learned a lot from their volunteer time there.

2010 Summer Program: Raising the Monarch Butterflies and letting them go. 
Here they are in their cage. The cage was built by kids many years ago.
The kids picked them up.
The cage came off the butterflies and some wouldn't leave. The kids decided to see if they would eat cantaloupe - their fruit snack for the day. The butterflies weren't interested.
Kids feeling the butterfly wings - the butterflies didn't mind.
butterfly butterflies
The butterflies that wouldn't leave were transferred onto the butterfly bush. The kids had a bus to catch.
The caterpillars hanging upside down before becoming chrysalises.
mating butterflies
Mating two days after they came out of the cocoon.
The caterpillars were ordered from
Summer program: As part of the Detroit Public Library's Reading Club, the kids got to go to the Detroit Zoo. Here a skink had stuck his tongue out at the beverage. skink
Summer program:  Detroit Zoo polar bears and Front Porch kids. polarbear polar bearmeerkatzoo fountainotter
Summer program: These are the airplanes the kids built after learning about the science of how airplanes fly. airplanesairplanes
One of the kids taking with a Tuskegee Airman at Detroit City Airport. tuskeegee
Summer Program: They are in a race/treasure hunt for books at the local library. library
Summer Program: learning to sketch, reading and bike riding on the Riverwalk.   bikesketchriver
Summer Program: One little group of the kids waiting for the bus. We were always waiting for the bus, just hoping it would show up. We learned to get on whatever bus would show up and find our way home.  bus waiting
This is from the 3 x 3 foot strawberry patch next to the Porch.
strawberries strawberries1 strawberriespp
P.P. harvested this bag of berries. E.S. is asking if this one is ready. She says they don't taste anything like the ones from the store.  E.S. and her strawberries.
E.S. picked up a milkweed bug. We are growing milkweed for the monarch caterpillars that will arrive for the summer program. milkweed bug
Two girls suggested they roll out a long piece of paper and paint outside near The Porch. 
This is a drawing of giant corn dog and a girl by D.
corn dog
These are D's hands.
This is a drawing by I.G. of  the earth, a heart and the brown dog is hers.
This is a drawing of a dinosaur by A.B. dino
This is a drawing of a car by R.P. car
This is a drawing of a car and a monster truck. K.T.  car
After homework is done, kids play a game of store at Homework Help at the local elementary school. store
At Homework Help, one student works with two tutors. She is learning about regrouping. homeworkhelp
Hope Community Garden - a community garden near the Front Porch. garden
T.H. plants some lettuce for her school community service at Hope Community Garden in the neighborhood. garden
R.W.  fills a raised bed with soil for her school community service at Hope Community Garden in the neighborhood. garden
Three teenage girls, TH, IG and RW dissect a frog and identify his parts on The Front Porch frog
One youth is working on his science project  at after school homework help at the local elementary school.  The middle schooler who was helping, I.G., decided to see what lotion looked like under the microscope. microscope
T.H. made this flower bouquet from hyacinths and pear blossoms from the neighborhood. boquet
J.W. is proud of her clay pizza. pizza
J.M. worked for a long time on this necklace.  necklace
J.W. made this necklace, then changed the pizza into a half-eaten pizza and made this bracelet.
J.M. made these designs from clay. jw clay
J.D. does her science experiment to find out if foil or shortening is a better insulator in ice water science project
Paper doll made by T.H. at the Detroit Institute of Arts after seeing the Avedon exhibit.   paper doll
some of the Pumpkins the kids painted on the Porch pumpkinpumpkinpumpkinpumpkin
A Play-Doh camera and a Play-Doh map of Michigan done on the Porch by JD.  cameramichigan
A sidewalk drawing of a house by TH.   house chalkhouse
September garden. green tomato  sunflower
The first tomato of the year - finally - given to the grandma next door.

August night on the Porch. Old friends returned, made friendship bracelets, and played jump rope.  JD, LH, TH,  and SD. braceletbraceletbraceletbeacelet
Their last field trip of the summer, just before they responded to the lifeguard's bullhorn telling them it was time for them to go with a group rebellion: they told us they were never going home from Stony Creek.
Digging for fossils at the zoo's dinosaur exhibit.  zoo
The  1.5 mile walk to Heilmann, the closest recreation center.  the walk
The first potato the kids grew. Soon, it was baked and eaten. potato
A Madagascar Cockroach at the Youth Day on Belle Isle.
ES holds the cockroach herself.
youth day
A few of the kids on their way home from Chandler Park Aquatic Center. They are starting on their 2 mile walk after swimming. walk
One of the teen volunteers, TH, helps DJ pick up the fish he just caught with her help at the Spring Valley Fish Farm in Dexter, MI.  fishing
One of the teen volunteers, TH, and her partner JD, on the DDOT bus trying to write down more street names than the other kids in a competition Ms. Karen arranged for them.
Bowling at the Garden Bowl downtown.  bowling
Books to choose from for partner reading time. books
The first summer art project. Backpacks made from old jeans by LJ and M. backpackbackpack
LH helped to get the fabric paint ready for the summer program. She and IG made this fine piece of modern art from the goo in the dried up bottles.  fabricpaint
Summertime math: multiplication bingo with prizes and cheat sheets.  bingo
T made a sweet car from K'nex. car
While painting a picture, E.S.  got a little tempera paint on her hand. She was then inspired to paint her arms. Another kid said she looked like a superhero.
blue arms
A house built by using almost all the building blocks by JD and TD.   more legoslegos
The new raised beds. The kids chose to plant broccoli, collards, white raspberries, red raspberries, tomatoes, radishes, carrots, sunflowers, and hot  peppers.  The old strawberry bed was kept and is full of green strawberries. Photos by A.C. Age 16.
Three of  many science projects children got help with for school: the floating egg (density) for I.G., earthquakes and buildings T.D., and fire extinguishers (acids and bases) J.D. science  sci   sci
An Afternoon on the Porch:
Three school science projects, one homework math ditto about money, learning about magnets, some community service from L.H. who is 12 years old, and bike riding on a pretend street made from chalk on the sidewalk.
Beginning the 2009 Garden with a new raised bed covered in glitter.  garden
TD was studying fossils at school and thought that this leaf looked like it had made a fossil in the ice under the playground swings.  leaf fossil
JD made these snow hearts by pressing her feet into the snow and then spraying them with food coloring. snowhearts
JD and her sister TD made this snowman snowman
JD made this snow angel and colored it with food coloring. snowangel
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