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  • Beyond Indigo gives information on grieving, death and dying.  It facilitates chat rooms and discussions on various topics. In conjunction with information, polls, and grief tools, Beyond Indigo offers advice columns and articles related to grief, grieving, death and dying. A sought after feature of the site offers personalized grief support. Each day for a year a person can receive personalized grief support sent directly to his/her e-mail account. Also offers information on pet grief.
  • The Doughy Center for Grieving Children provides a few activities for grieving children and teens. Includes a bill of rights for grieving teens. It also has a search for grief programs across the US. 
  • The Hospice Net Web site contains many articles providing information on how to talk with children about death and many other resources abour grieving.  
  • Kidsource is a chart showing how children react to grief at different ages. 
  • M.I.S.S. has a section for bereaved children and how the adults around them can help them. They also offer free interactive books to help children.  
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