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There are two sections: 

How To Play 

The Issue of Play

How To Play

Books Links
  • The Essentials of Play Leadership with "Mr. Play” Professional Play Leaders Association-USA, 1991, 24 minutes
  • Jean Vortkamp, Founder and Director of the Front Porch is available to go anywhere and teach adults about play (about children ages 6 and up). Contact her at
The Issue of Play

Books/Articles Websites
  • The Alliance for Childhood promotes policies and practices that support children’s healthy development, love of learning, and joy in living. Our public education campaigns bring to light both the promise and the vulnerability of childhood. We act for the sake of the children themselves and for a more just, democratic, and ecologically responsible future. 
  • Association for the Study of Play  is a multidisciplinary organization whose purpose is to promote the study of play, support and cooperate with other organizations having similar purposes, and organize meetings and publications that facilitate the sharing and dissemination of information related to the study of play
  • Institute for Play  is committed to bringing the unrealized knowledge, practices and benefits of play into public life. It is gathering research from diverse play scientists and practitioners, initiating projects to expand the clinical scientific knowledge of human play and translating this emerging body of knowledge into programs and resources which deliver the transformative power of play to all segments of society.
  • International Association of the Right to Play (USA) Advocates of play and recess 
  • Playing for Keeps promotes  and protects the role of play in our society. 
  • Play England provides advice and support to promote good practice, and works to ensure that the importance of play is recognized by policy makers, planners and the public. 
  • Play Wales explains play deprivation, play and risk, play and oomputers and more.
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