Youth age 7 and up who live within walking distance of the neighborhood on the Eastside of Detroit near Kelly Road, their friends or cousins who stay with them. Most kids who attend the program do so of their own choosing and are connected to the kids who are already in the program, but with parental permission. If you think your child might be interested and you live near us, please email

After School

Help with homework is offered and if children have no homework we provide library books and educational games. Computer support is also given.


Every year is different, depending on what the kids ask for and what opportunities are available. Examples are:

Academic Advocacy

This is the best part of the Porch and the program that has the potential to help every school-aged child on earth. It is simple and it works.  Children are visited at school by an advocate, their grades are monitored, one-on-one tutoring is provided, and basic needs assistance is provided as needed (coats, school supplies etc.). Advocates speak with school staff and parents to bridge the gaps between school, after-school, and home.

On The Porch

Informal activities are provided on the street and chosen by the kids. This could be anything from jumping rope, making jewelry or having a water balloon fight. This is year-round depending on the weather.  They love the sandbox, picking raspberries and strawberries from the garden, and lots and lots of Play-Doh, arts and crafts, and bike fixing.

Off The Porch (Field Trips)

Places we’ve field tripped in the past 15 years and would recommend: