The Front Porch Gallery

Photos of years of fun, education, and community building.



This year was spent giving out free Family Activity Kits, Good Food boxes from Focus Hope, and masks.

Jump Ropes
Beautiful and well made from Jump-Ropes that "enriches the lives of people with disabilities". Well used and loved by the kids.

jump ropes

Plants for the terrarium kits: Selaginella which was around at the time of the dinosaurs


Back to School book bags and supplies

back to school

Boxes of Fun! These are just some of the boxes and bags of kits for the families. This is the Halloween set.

all kits

Kite Kit


Weaving Kit
With links to videos on how Kente cloth is woven in Africa, how they weave at the Chanel atelier, how-to video and an idea video.


Treasure boxes by Jordyn, Josiah and Michael

name box

Treasure Box Kit - recycling

name box

Turtles by Jordan, Josiah, and Michael


Turtle kit with craft, book Tally Tuttle Turns into a Turtle, links to videos about real turtles and Michigan turtlesturtle

Tempera Paint


Clay and Pinata Kit
Pinata Kit included prizes. Clay Kit included a book on dinosaurs, a skeleton dinosaur to make a fossil, how to make a cartouche and list of hieroglyphs, how to make people, glowing eye decorations, and alphabet beads.


Mask Making Kit with link to video showing masks around the world


All Are Neighbors from FirstBook


Shark Kit with National Geographic shark book and links to videos about real sharks


Craft Stick Building Kit

craft sticks

Water Race Kit with links to a video about adhesion and cohesion

water race

Magic Tricks Kit and Magic Wand kit


Scary Books: The Dark Thirty and Mister Shivers

scary books

Spider Hat Kit with links to videos about real spiders spider

Art Supplies

art supplies

Crown Kit


Friendship Bracelet Kit


Pollinator Survival Kit from


Light Up LifeSavers Kit with explanation of why they light up when they crack

light up lifesaver

Play Kit includes marbles and instructions, Great Games book, sidewalk chalk, The World Belonged to Us from FirstBook, and a Rhino playground ball

play kit

Treasure Bag Kit

treasure bag

Seed Race Kit with chart to record data and link to video about growing seeds

seed sprouting race

Maraca Kit


Fast Car Kit that uses LifeSavers and it really rolls. Links to a video on simple machines.


Glow in the Dark Bracelet Kit and explanation why the pigment in the beads glows

color change bracelet kit

Caterpillar and Butterfly Kit with National Geographic butterfly book and video links about real butterflies

butterfly kit

Halloween Trading Treasure Hunt Kit with prizes

treasure hunt

Teeny Tiny Ghost and the Monster Kit. Craft Kit to make a ghost that flies up a string and a monster who opens its mouth when the paper is unfoldedteenytinyghost

Recycled Paper Beads Kit

paper beads

Bat Kit from Nature Watch with links to video about real bats and to a read aloud story about bats.


crayon t-shirt

Washable crayon t-shirt
by Jeffrey

crayon t-shirt

Washable crayon t-shirts
by Je'Bria

crayon t-shirt

Washable Crayon T-Shirt Kit

crayon t-shirt

Washable crayon t-shirts by Jordyn, Josiah and Michael

crayon t-shirt

Global Water Quality Kit filtering water by Jeffrey and Mikeywater kit

Global Water Quality Kit

water kit

Tie Dye shirt by Sharkia

tie dye

Tie Dye Shirt by Keniya

tie dye

Tie Dye Shirt by Kahmed

tie dye

Tie Dye by Gabriella

tie dye

Tie Dye Kit

tie dye

Tiny House Design Kit with links to videos Iggy Peck Architect read aloud, room design and house design

tiny house kit

Ancient Egyptian Game of Senet Kit with links to how-to with history, and Egyptian history


Isaac Newton's Color Disk Kit


Nine Men's Morris Game Kit (Three in a Row)# in a Row

Spooky Light Up Castle Kit

spooky castle

Puppet Kit  from ConnectUs
puppet kit connect us

Finished puppets by Jordyn, Josiah, and Michael


Paper Airplane Kit with links to understand the forces of flight

paper airplanes

PomPom Kit


Bubble Kit with 3 levels of activities and links to videos explaining the colors and properties of bubbles


Two levels of cookbooks


Fairy Tale Play pop up book, DIY characters, ans a DIY pop up card kit

fairy tale pop up

Bending Man Kit from

bending man

Tempera Kit and links to techniques and color mixing videos


Family Tree kit with links for parents to do a more extensive family tree. Also the books Glory and Born on the Water.

family Tree

Friendship Bracelet Kit from ConnectUs


A Light up Gyro Wheel and explanation of circuits and potential/kinetic energy

Kazoo Kit with explanation of sound waveskazoo

Thaumatrope Spinner Kit with explanation of persistence of vision


Color Changing Bracelet Kit and links to videos explaining why it changes color


Old Woman Who Swallowed A Fly Kit. Includes book, paper bag puppet kit that can swallow, and extra animal puppet.

old lady

Bracelet Kit completed by Keniya


Tempera Paintings by Sharika and Gabriella


Terrarium Kit with links to videos on water cycle, how-to, and how-to get more for free from your backyard.


Oobleck Kit with how to video and explanation of non-newtonian liquids, crown to be the king.


Mermaid Kit with book The Mermaid or Mermaid A Tale of Two Sisters


Drawing Kit for older kids who are serious about drawing.

drawing kit

Squirrel Mixed Media Kit, with video link to real squirrel video and squirrel story This is a Taco


Art Supplies
art bag

3D Drawing Kit with video link to how to and why 3D works


Shark Kit. Fossil shark tooth necklace, Science Comics Shark book from FirstBooks, links to videos about real sharks and about identifying shark teeth fossils.


Napkin Doll Fashion Kit

napkin doll

Magnifying Glass Kit with specimens

magnifying kit

Real life size Mummy Kit with links to videos about mummies and a pop up mummy book


Learning Games and Workbooks

learning games

Locking Journal Kit and Journal Prompts


Popsicle Kit with molds and recipes for many frozen treats, including healthy recipes.


Seahorse Kit with Mister Seahorse book, seahorse craft kits and links to the read aloud and a videos about real seahorses


Bucket Drum Kit with rudiments on paper and links to basic bucket drumming, advanced and the rudiments played.

bucket drum

Galaxy Kit celebrating the James Webb telescope. First images from the telescope, make your own galaxy, and link to Neil DeGrasse Tyson explaining the images

Stick weaving kit from

stick weaving



A Valentine's Day bracelet made by a student at Wayne Elementary

valentine bracelet

A Valentine's Day bracelet made by a student at Wayne Elementary

valentine bracelet

Making Valentine's Day cards


Making Valentine's Day cards


Making Valentine's Day cards


Making cards for the All About Animals Shelter to use as thank you notesall about animals

University of Missouri Alternative Spring Break students 2018

mizzou spring

Missouri students and Wayne Elementary students made watercolor scale models of the solar system.


Spacing out the planets

space art


space art



Gluing the planets

space art

Beautifully painted planets




Mulberry paint right from the tree


More mulberry painting mulberry

Making a Pig Puppet for Reader's Theater

pig puppet

Making a Pig Puppet for Reader's Theater

pig puppet

Monarch caterpillar at Front Porch garden. Photo by Shamaya P.


Monarch caterpillar at Front Porch garden. Photo by Shamaya P.

Monarch caterpillar

Camp. Two tents. Many bikes and swim towels.




Campfire for s'mores at the neighborhood play lot. The kids and teens can now set it up, serve each other and make the fire themselves. Adults supervise only.


A group of kids painted, glittered, installed doors and stocked  the give a book/take a book house. The doors were ripped off within a week, replaced and ripped off again.


Advocacy: where kids can ask for the help they need to succeed in school.


After walking a mile to take the DDOT bus, waiting for the Tunnel bus, crossing the border to Canada, swimming for hours at Adventure Bay, the kids take a look back at Detroit and what a fisherman is catching.


A group of kids repainted/glittered the border for the Front Porch garden box.


More border wood for the garden.


A Lego car for the Whistle Stop Hobby Shop Lego contest.


Lego creations for the Whistle Stop Hobby Shop Lego contest.


Lego science for Wayne Elementary with the University of Missouri students.


Lego science for Wayne Elementary with the University of Missouri students. One Lego car design.


A teacher, Ms. Neal, asked that the University of Missouri students work with the 5th graders on body systems. Here they play Skeletons in the Closet.


Mother's Day art activities at Wayne Elementarymother's day

Making a gift envelope for a hand made envelope.


Mother's Day art activities at Wayne Elementary

mother's day

2017 Masks from Halloween Activities at Wayne Elementary


A Halloween monster using watercolor blow painting at Wayne Elementary.


Another Halloween monster.


Mummy Wrap game at the playlot at the neighborhood Halloween party.

mother's day

Holiday book of choice, second grade.

holiday book of choice

Holiday book of choice for another class.

holiday book of choice

Front Porch Kids spent the afternoon with International students from the University of Michigan Law School and Great Communities Now cleaning up a lot in the neighborhood.

mother's day

Home made pinata for the Halloween party at the neighborhood lot.


Poutine: Traditional Canadian food the kids tried after watching the Buskerfest in Walkerville, WIndsor, Ontario. Not a fry was left on this plate.


A small group of kids went to the Robot Garage in Grosse Pointe. They built elaborate structures and experimented with the lego robots.

robot garage

More built at the robot garage.

robot garage

Snow Angel made near the porch.

snow angel

2015 T-shirt making on the Porch


Ice Cream making on the Porch. A peppermint creation.

ice cream making

Painting together on the sidewalk.


Embroidery by a very patient teen on the Porch.


Holiday books of choice donated by the SEVA Team.


Snow wall built by kids on the Porch. A lot of hard work and engineering.

snow wall

Clay rings made on the Porch with marble jewels.


Puppet kit from ConnectUs. A child at Wayne Elementary wrote a story.


Making salt dough clay


University of Missouri helping in Advocacy


Making paper flowers on the Porch

paper flowers